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Vision, Mission, Goals, Quality Policy & Objectives


To become a premiere provider of fair, objective and standardized evaluation process for individuals that aligns in the need and goals of our organization through National Assessment and Certification.


Our mission is to provide excellent, evidence-based assessment services to cater the demand of industries for globally competitive middle-level workforce.


  1. To provide individuals with a clear understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement and their potential to succeed in their current or future roles in the industry.


  1. To promote diversity and inclusion by ensuring that the evaluation process is fair and unbiased, and to identify individuals from underrepresented groups who have the potential to succeed in field.


  1. To assist the organization and other training providers measure the effectiveness of their training programs through rigid evaluation of their graduates’ current KSA in comparison to the standards requirements in the workplace.

Quality Policy

Aparri Polytechnic Institute is committed to provide quality Assessment Services that meets the expectation of our clients and stakeholders.

Quality Objectives

          In implementing the quality policy, Aparri Polytechnic Institute shall:

  1. Provide adequate resources and facilities for the fruitful conduct of its operation.
  2. Ensure functional and efficient management system.
  3. Improve quality services continuously through a responsive feedback mechanismProvide continuous professional development for assessment staff in order to deliver quality services.