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First Unified PTSDCs and RTESDC Meeting

It is the spirit of our slogan “TESDA Abot Lahat” to serve the underserved, reach the unreached and bring to the mainstream those in the margins of society. Along this line, TESDA Operating Units conduct Outreach and Extension Programs and Projects as a response to the felt needs of the communities. 

TESDA DOS conducted today its First Unified PTSDCs and RTESDC Meeting at the Function Hall of Isabela School of Arts and Trades in the City of Ilagan, Isabela.

ARD Demetrio P. Anduyan, Jr. presented the accomplishment of the region while the Provincial Directors elaborated their priority programs and projects for 2020.

Four resolutions were passed by the PTESDCs and RTESDC and these are:

  1. Resolution commending TESDA Region 2, its provincial offices, TTIs, TVIs and partners for the very satisfactory accomplishment for 2019.
  2. Resolution creating the TTI Advisory Council.
  3. Resolution establishing the NVPI and LIT as main TVET agricultural schools in the region.
  4. Resolution creating the TESDA Cagayan Valley RESP Advisory Council