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Empowering ALS students through Hilot( Wellness Massage) training

The collaboration reflects a proactive effort to ensure that ALS students have access to relevant skills training that can enhance their employability and empower them in their communities.

Aparri, Cagayan – The visit by Mr. Lindo John Ramos, the ALS Focal Person for DepEd, the Education Program Supervisor, and Ms. Richelyn De La Cruz to the Acting Administrator’s office highlights a collaborative effort to enhance educational opportunities for ALS students in the Aparri East District.

          Their request for Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II training reflects a proactive approach to equipping students with practical skills that can directly benefit their livelihoods. The immediate approval from A.P.I.’s Acting Administrator Eduardo L. Escobar, Ph.D., underscores the institution’s commitment to meeting the needs of its students and supporting their professional development.



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