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Distribution of 1st 50% allowance under EIM NC II (STEP) trainees

By offering free education and financial support, TESDA-Aparri Polytechnic Institute is not only empowering individuals to enhance their skills but also contributing to the overall development of the community.

Aparri, Cagayan – On  July 12, TESDA-Aparri Polytechnic Institute’s commitment to providing free education, along with a daily allowance, by removing the financial barriers to education, more individuals have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and acquire the skills needed in the field of Electrical Installation & Maintenance NC II. The provision of a daily allowance not covers the trainees’ basic needs but also shows that A.P.I. recognizes the importance of supporting our trainees throughout their educational journey. This financial assistance can help alleviate any financial burdens by the trainees may face, allowing them to focus on their studies and excel in their chosen field. The happiness expressed by the trainees upon receiving their first 50% allowance is a testament to the positive impact of this program. It demonstrates that TESDA-API efforts to provide accessible and inclusive education are making a real difference in the lives of trainees.

     Trainer: James Paguila     📸Anne Suzette Dumlao