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A Unique and Heartfelt Way to Celebrate Women's Month: A Sweet Snack

An Extraordinary and Delightful Way to Celebrate Women’s Day in the Workplace

Aparri, Cagayan – Aparri Polytechnic Institute, under the leadership of Acting Administrator Eduardo L. Escobar, Ph.D., found a unique and heartfelt way to celebrate Women’s Month on March 22, 2024. In a touching gesture to honor the occasion, the male employees of the institute took the initiative to prepare a variety of bakery products. These delicious snacks were then served to their female colleagues as a tribute to their contributions and to celebrate women’s achievements and roles in the workplace.

      The women of TESDA-A.P.I. expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the thoughtful effort, making the event a memorable and delightful celebration of Women’s Month. This sweet gesture not only highlighted the unity and camaraderie within the institute but also emphasized the importance of recognizing and valuing the contributions of women in all areas of life.

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